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– The bedding industry hit a sales slump in the first quarter, but is well positioned for a rebound in the weeks to come, leading bedding producers said. Producers attending Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference here generally shrugged off a lackluster sales report issued by the International Sleep Products Assn. , one that revealed that units dropped 4.4% in the first quarter and the wholesale dollar value of bedding shipments dropped 0.1%. The Bedding Market Quarterly provided ISPA’s first look at business conditions this year. It was not an encouraging one, but producers said a weak first quarter doesn’t mean much given the big sales months that come later in the year. The report, which presents a snapshot of performance by producers who account for a majority of the industry’s shipments, said mattress units dropped 4.7% in the first quarter, while foundation units were down 3.9%. The dollar value of mattress shipments was up 1.4% in the quarter, but ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 3 ฟุต สีดํา it was down 8.2% for foundations, ISPA said. The average unit price in the first quarter increased 4.5%, to $236.52. The average unit price for mattresses was up 6.4% to $368.16, while it dropped 4.5% for foundations, to $73.29. Those figures do not include the fast-growing adjustable bed base category.

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