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Emmanuel Macron, head of the political movement En Marche !, or Onwards !, and candidate for the 2017 presidential election, attends a campaign rally in Lyon, France, February 4, 2017. REUTERS/Robert Pratta Late on Monday, the centrist former economy minister and ex-banker sought to move his campaign on, taking an opportunity to dismiss rumors he had a gay relationship outside his marriage to Brigitte Trogneux. "If you're told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet it's because my hologram has escaped," Macron told supporters, referring to Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet. A spokeswoman said the comments were "a clear denial of the rumors about his private life". Separately, a day after Fillon held a major news conference to re-invigorate his scandal-hit campaign, an opinion poll for Harris Interactive said 65 percent of French people wanted him replaced as candidate of the center-right. In that press appearance, Fillon apologized for organizing hundreds of thousands of euros in payment for his wife and family for carrying out work for him, but vowed to fight on as candidate. Also on Tuesday, a judicial source said a magistrate had ordered another prominent member of Fillon's The Republicans party - ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy - to stand trial over irregularities - a poignant reminder of the party's past brushes with financial scandal. UNCERTAINTY REIGNS Uncertainty about the outcome of the election, taking place in two rounds on April 23 and May 7, has this week driven the premium that investors demand for holding French over German government debt to its highest for almost four years. Opinion polls show Macron ahead of Fillon in the first round of the election, but only by a few percentage points, and behind Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front. Only the top two candidates go through to a second round on May 7. Polls show that Macron would beat Le Pen with about two thirds of the vote and that Fillon would win by a smaller, but still comfortable margin. In its daily opinion poll update on Tuesday, pollster Opinionway left its first round score little changed from Monday, putting Le Pen on 25 percent, Macron on 23, and Fillon on 20.

On Monday, March organizers announcedplans to hold a general strike called A Day Without a Woman. Officials shared the news on their social media accounts, noting that the date has not yet been determined. Few details about the strike have been announced, but March organizers praised boycotts of companies that have supported Trump in a statement to CNN, noting that some brought the corporate practices of Uber and Nordstrom to light. The will of the people will stand. Women's March (@womensmarch) February 6, 2017 The Womens March is committed to engaging in actions that affirmatively build community, strengthen relationships and support local, women- and minority-owned businesses, the statement continued. The move comes just weeks after millions of men, women and children around the world took to the streets to send a message on the first full day ofDonald Trumps presidency. More than 500,000 people attended the massive march at the nations capital, with stars like Janelle Monae, Scarlett Johansson, Angela Davis and more speaking to the large crowd. In the wake of the March, organizers have announced 10 actions in which to participate within the first 100 days of Trumps presidency. The March has grown into a passionate movement. Organizers have used the Marchs social media accounts to speak out against Trumps pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, his nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, his controversial executive orderbanning refugees from entering the country and more. Although few details about the upcoming strike have been made public, organizers sent a special message along with the announcement: The will of the people will stand.

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